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MUHS Mandate

A Front Page

Circular for Nursing Faculty for Academic Year 2024-25

Annexure - I

Grant of First Time Affitiation for the Academic Year 2023 - 24

Annexure - II

Infrastructure Details 2023-24

Annexure - III

Trust Deed / ByLaws / Registration Certificate

Annexure - IV

Inspection Committee Report for the session 2023-24

Annexure - V

Clinical Material in Hospital

Annexure - VI

Nursing Faculty 

Annexure - VIII

Details of Part Time Teachers (Nursing Course)

Annexure - IX

Non-Teaching staff required for Nursing College

Annexure - X

Webinars, Guest Lectures & CME, Workshops for 2023-24

Annexure - XI

.Attendance details / Research details / Welfare Scheme details

Annexure - XII

Date of college data uploaded on web portal 

Annexure - XIII

For Online Transmission of Ouestion Papers

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